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Effective property management of real estate assets entails various responsibilities that are vital to maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses. Avoid the pitfalls by partnering with an experienced agent. As a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, we are committed to excellence in managing your property. The value of professional management far outweighs the cost. Often the experience of that middle of the night repair emergency, accounting, end of the year tax preparation, finding and screening tenants, and collection of rents can be very time consuming. When all added together the benefits of a professional property manager results in an owner’s peace of mind.

Some crucial aspects in the management of residential property to consider are the following:

  • Screening applicants — a thorough screening process is essential in procuring tenants capable of paying timely rent. Credit score is not the deciding factor though certainly considered among many others. People who are renting may have had previous hardships that caused a bad credit score. We look at the whole picture; job history, income to rent ratio, past rental history, and alternate forms of credit that do not affect credit score such as utility and cell phone bills. A criminal and DMV background check is also conducted to complete the screening process. We do require each adult living at the property to submit to the entire process.

  • Rent collection and delinquency — collection efforts of delinquent rent can be an unpleasant reality for owners managing their own properties. Though we invest in developing a good working relationship with our tenants, this is our business and we handle these situations accordingly. We determine the cause of the late payments, and work to quickly resolve. Of course most individual tenant situations can be unique, especially involving unexpected issues such as unemployment, health issues and other personal emergencies. In these cases alternative sources of timely rent payments such as Crisis Management, Red Cross, etc. on behalf of the tenant will be considered. However, if there is no immediate solution for timely rent payments the eviction process will begin in accordance with all applicable laws.

  • A comprehensive lease — Our “Residential Rental Contract” has been developed to alleviate many issues unique to a given property. This is for the benefit of owners and tenants. We include attached pertinent addendums so that tenants have a clear understanding up front as to their responsibilities regarding maintenance, parking, cleaning prior to vacating the property, current and future pets, and other appropriate rules and policies.

Property Management Services Offered:

  • View and evaluate the property condition and recommend repairs and maintenance necessary to prepare the property for rental as well as maintain asset value.

  • Conduct a market analysis to determine optimal market rent value.

  • Photograph the property for adequate record of current condition.

  • Strategically place a professionally appealing “For Rent” sign on the property.

  • Place a lockbox on or near the door to allow entrance of real estate agents for the purpose of showing the property by appointment.

  • Distribute the rental listing ad to industry leading real estate websites (list furnished upon request).

  • Personally show the property to prospective tenants.

  • Screen applicants, which includes a personal interview in addition to a credit and criminal background check.

  • Collect and hold security deposits in a bank trust account.

  • Prepare and execute the lease in compliance with the NC Real Estate Commission guidelines with appropriate maintenance, pet, etc. addendums attached.

  • Performance of the following inspections:

    • Move-in – meet with tenant after move-in to assure any issues are addressed

    • Periodic – perform exterior inspections during tenancy to assure maintained condition of property

    • Move-out – Upon tenant vacating premises an assessment will be made and reported to owner regarding condition and recommended corrections to any issues in order to prepare property for showing to prospective new tenants

  • Maintain communication and build rapport with tenants

  • Collect rent and disburse payment to owner via EFT/ACH or mailed check

  • Provide “rent due” reminders monthly – in the event of a late payment, fees are assessed and contact is made to determine reason for delinquency

  • 24 Hour response to all maintenance requests – a maintenance request portal is provided on this website for the convenience of the tenant to submit their request online. Emergency phone contact is provided for issues requiring immediate attention.

  • Trusted, reasonably priced contractors and handymen are pre-qualified to meet our standards for repair and maintenance requirements

  • Owner’s monthly and yearly financial reports with invoices and 1099’s are provided

Owner Statements Available Online

Did you know that you can access your owner statements and financial reports online?


  • Concise statements covering the performance of your property for the previous month
  • All data on your property is stored in a state-of-the-art data center
  • Access information about your property 24/7
  • Access information about your property from anywhere with an internet connection

How it works:

In order to keep your financials secure, we use a state of the art portal system that communicates with your email. Each time you wish to view your statements, you must visit the portal and enter in your email address. You will be emailed a single- use link that you can use to view your statements. This link does not have a time limit, however, it will expire after the first time you use it.

Access Owner Statements


Q: Why do I need a professional to manage my property?
As a property owner who has been managing your properties yourself, you have dedicated countless hours in the upkeep of your property. From finding qualified tenants to dealing with maintenance issues, managing your investment properties can be quite demanding. If you are ready to reclaim some of your free time, pass the reins to us and rest assured knowing your property is in good hands.

Q: How do you find qualified tenants?
First, we create detailed and attractive rental listing ads that draw viewers in. We post these to a number of websites so as not to miss out on any potential tenants. We run thorough background checks to make sure only the most qualified tenants move into your property. Our effective marketing and leasing strategies result in fewer vacancies and lower tenant turnover rates.

Q: Where do you advertise rental property?
We post on to the following Web sites:

  • Zillow.com
  • Trulia.com
  • Apartments.com
  • Rentbits.com
  • RentalHomesPlus.com
  • FreeRentalSite.com
  • Rentlinx.com
  • Rentmyhome.org
  • Oodle.com
  • Condo.com
  • RentalAds.com
  • HomeTownRent.com
  • HotPads.com
  • RentJungle.com
  • Apartmentlist.com
  • RentalHomePros.com

Q: How do you screen applicants?
Our detailed and extensive screening reports draw an applicant’s credit, eviction and criminal history. We dig further by interviewing potential tenants and checking previous landlord references. We also verify their employment, income and financial history.

Q: How do you collect rent?
Tenants always have the option to mail in their rent, but we use advanced property management software that also allows tenants to pay their rent (and application fees) online. Electronic payments drastically reduce the rental payment turnaround time, which means you can collect your funds quicker.

Q: How do I receive financial statements and reports?
Owner statements are available online in your personal Owner Statements, which you have access to 24/7. The statements are easy to read and provide you with an overview of your property’s cash-related transactions. Additional reports are available upon request.

Q: How do I receive monthly rent payments?
We can send you your check by mail or use electronic payments (ACH) to deposit monthly rent directly into your bank account.

Q: How do I access my Owner Statements?

  1. You can access your portal at any time at PropertyManagementDatabase.appfolio.com/portal.
  2. On the Owner Statements link request page, enter your email address and click the Send Access Email button.
  3. Go to your email program and open the email from your property management company. Click on the link in this email, and a new page will open displaying your owner reports.

Q: Do I have to request and receive a new email every time I want to go into the Owner Statements?
Yes, the system is set up to use emailed links to access the Owner Statements. Please enter your email address and then go to your email program and click the link in the notification email any time you wish to access the Owner Statements.

Q: I entered my email address and clicked Send Access Email, but haven’t received my email. What do I do?

  1. Check to ensure you are using the correct email address. It must be same one you have on file with your property management company.
  2. Check your spam or junk folder to ensure it was not incorrectly filed by your email program.

Q: How do you maintain my property?
We provide routine property inspections on a regular basis, and take measures to assure your property is always in tiptop shape. Our maintenance team is available 24/7 to respond to tenant maintenance issues, so you don’t have to worry about being bothered with these issues.

Our Technology Advantage

We invest in advanced technology systems so we can provide you with the best service and manage your properties efficiently and effectively. We have chosen property management and accounting software called AppFolio Property Manager. Some of the benefits that we are able to pass on to you:

  • We can respond faster and provide better service to both owners and tenants.. We can securely access information about all properties at any time and from anywhere. Sensitive data is securely housed in a state-of-art data center, and backed up regularly and automatically.
  • Monthly statements can be delivered to your email inbox, saving time and paper.. The statements are easy to read and provide you with a quick snapshot of your property details for the past month.
  • We address property maintenance issues faster.. We can create electronic work orders and communicate with vendors so we quickly solve issues.
  • You will be paid faster and more securely.. We are able to use electronic payments (ACH) to deposit funds directly into your bank account.
  • We can more effectively market your properties to fill vacancies sooner.. We can quickly and professionally advertise your properties on our Web site, Craigslist, and other Web sites.